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A Heartbeat, a Death Certificate, and a Fight for One Girl's Life

Randy Mancini 7 October 10, 2014

A California teen has a death certificate with her name on it - but her heart is still beating. 

Thirteen-year-old Jahi McMath was declared brain-dead 10 months ago. The teen went into cardiac arrest following tonsil surgery to treat her sleep apnea at UCSF Beinoff Oakland Children's Hospital.

Jahi's medical bills are piling up. If you would like to help the family financially, you can donate here.

According to the family attorney, Chris Dolan, she developed complications and was admitted into intensive care where she bled to the point of brain trauma.

Dolan and Jahi's family are seeking an unprecedented court order that would declare her alive. 

A hearing was scheduled for Oct. 9 but was postponed by Dolan after a court-appointed expert said he sees no evidence that Jahi is alive.

Dolan told CBN News' Mark Martin this medical expert was also on the panel originally declaring her brain-dead. The family and Dolan say they have evidence Jahi is making progress.

Latasha Winkfield, Jahi's mother is living in New Jersey with her daughter, who cannot return to California unless the ruling is overturned.