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Biden bows to China, shows weakness

Randy Mancini 20 November 17, 2021
WOODSTOCK, NH - NOVEMBER 16: US President Joe Biden greets people after delivering a speech on infrastructure while visiting the bridge along NH 175 spanning the Pemigewasset River on November 16, 2021 in Woodstock, New Hampshire. The visit to the bridge, listed in poor condition since 2013, follows the signing of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on Monday. (Photo by John Tully/Getty Images)

WOODSTOCK, NH – NOVEMBER 16: Joe Biden greets people after delivering a speech on infrastructure while visiting the bridge along NH 175 spanning the Pemigewasset River on November 16, 2021 in Woodstock, New Hampshire. (Photo by John Tully/Getty Images)

Joe Biden has come under fire for showing weakness and compromise in the face of Chinese aggression. Critics say Biden has been failing to take a stand or support the independence of Taiwan from Mainland China.

One reporter confronted the Democrat, calling him out on his so-called stance on the matter. Biden responded saying, “no, no, I said that they have to decide. They, Taiwan, not us, and we are not encouraging independence, we’re encouraging that they do exactly what the Taiwan Act requires, and that’s what we’re doing. Let them make up their mind. Period. Taiwan make it up.”

Tuesday’s comments come a day after his virtual summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who referred to Biden as an “old friend.” From their talks, Chinese officials said Biden reiterated U.S. support for the One-China Policy and that he doesn’t support Taiwan independence.

Xi Jinping confirmed last night that Joe Biden is his “old friend.”

After spending decades shipping American jobs overseas to China, this is no surprise.

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) November 16, 2021

In recent months, the Chinese military repeatedly violated Taiwan’s airspace as Beijing has continued to claim the island nation is part of its jurisdiction. Following the meeting, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan delivered the same tired message that Biden is going to work diplomatically with allies while demonstrating strength in opposition to threats to American values.

“We will compete with the full range of our strengths, and we’re going to stand up for our values. Above all, we’re going to tap that most American of capacities, the capacity for renewal and reinvention rooted in this nation’s and our people’s resilience and innovation,” stated Sullivan.

Sullivan claimed Biden pressed China on security issues, including Taiwanese independence and nuclear non-proliferation. However, Biden reversed this commitment telling reporters he wouldn’t encourage independence for the U.S. ally.

China has made it clear that it has every intention of bringing Taiwan under “complete reunification” with Mainland China and threatened action if forces attempt to stop this.

A readout following the meeting indicated that China said “should the separatist forces for Taiwan independence provoke us, force our hands or even cross the red line, we will be compelled to take resolute measures with regard to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity…there is no room for compromise.”

Biden is weak on China.

— Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) November 16, 2021

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have urged Biden to bolster America’s military and diplomatic support for Taiwan and to set up defense systems to repel a potential Chinese attack. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said Biden has continued to show weakness in the face of growing Chinese aggression. Johnson added Biden failed to warn China to stop its military build-ups in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

The senator yet again expressed concern about Biden’s past business dealings in China that may compromise his ability to take a stand against the emerging threat.

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