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San Francisco District Attorney faces mounting opposition amid recall effort

Randy Mancini 23 October 25, 2021
San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin poses outside his office in San Francisco on Jan. 30, 2020. Boudin took office as district attorney in San Francisco a year ago as part of a politically progressive wave of prosecutors committed to seeking restorative justice over mass incarceration. But now the former deputy public defender is under fire for the deaths of two pedestrians on New Year's Eve who were run down in an intersection by a 45-year-old parolee. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin poses outside his office in San Francisco on Jan. 30, 2020. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

San Francisco’s far-left district attorney faces a wave of resignations and opposition amid a potential recall election.

The campaign to recall Chesa Boudin has received over 83,000 signatures, which is well above the amount necessary to recall the sitting district attorney. Compounding the issues for Boudin’s office on Sunday, two former employees came out in support of his recall.

Prosecutor Brooke Jenkins is one of those backing Boudin’s removal from office. She said that Boudin is making San Francisco less safe by his actions.

“Public safety is not his focus. That is not his goal. His goal appears to be what is best for the individual. For either who’s been arrested for a crime, or who’s been charged with a crime. Not what is best for San Francisco,” stated Jenkins.

Jenkins said she resigned because of Boudin’s policies regarding prosecution of crimes. When pressed on why she left, she additionally said she felt Boudin’s policies essentially legalized criminal activity no matter how many San Franciscans continue to be exposed to harm.

“Chesa has shown an unwillingness to prosecute crime effectively in San Francisco. We are seeing repeat offenders and dangerous individuals be released before they should be,” she said.

Don du Bain is another prosecutor who left Boudin’s office over what he felt was too much leniency on crime. Du Bain said he’s a friend of Boudin’s, but the direction of the office has taken a wrong turn. He added he felt he needed to do everything he could to get the DA out of office.

3) Prosecutor Don du Bain says he considers District Attorney Chesa Boudin a friend, but strongly believes he needs to be recalled.

"I've seen decisions made in this office … since Chesa took over, that shocked my conscience, and I've been a prosecutor for 30 years."


— Bigad Shaban (@BigadShaban) October 24, 2021

“I like him personally,” said du Bain. “I thought he would be a reasonable progressive and thoughtful leader of the office. And unfortunately, and again I take no pleasure in saying this, I was wrong.”

He mentioned after 30 years as a prosecutor, he’s seen decisions made in the office under Boudin that shocked his conscience. Du Bain said Boudin has taken the law upon himself, only enforcing what he wants to enforce.

“He basically disregards the laws that he doesn’t like, and he disregards the court decisions he doesn’t like to impose his own version of what he believes is just. And that’s not the job of a district attorney,” said the prosecutor.

Jenkins and du Bain are just two of a group of 50 lawyers who have left the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office since January of 2020 when Boudin first obtained the office. This amounts to about a third of the total attorney’s at the department.

Once the recall signatures are verified, an election date will be set within 30 days. After that, Boudin will have only 120 days or less to save his position from the wrath of voters, many of whom are angry over increasing crime and perceived anarchy in the streets.

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