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PRAY: Missionary Pilot, 2 MAF Volunteers Denied Bail, Trapped in Prison More Than 76 Days

Randy Mancini 43 Feb 20

A Mozambican court has denied bail for Ryan Koher, a pilot for the U.S.-based ministry Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), and two of the ministry's South African volunteers who were arrested on Nov. 4 for allegedly "supporting terrorism."

As CBN News reported in December, Koher, 31, was taken into custody by officials in Mozambique while preparing to fly vitamins and other supplies to church-run orphanages in the Cabo Delgado Province. 

During airport security scans, officials took interest in over-the-counter medications and food preservative supplies that belong to Ambassador Aviation Ltd. (AAL), which is a partner of U.S.-based non-profit MAF, the group reported.

slider img 2According to MAF, the trio was bringing supplies for orphanages in the northern part of the country and it was a flight MAF, known as Ambassador Aviation Ltd. in Mozambique, had flown many times in the past.

Koher is currently being held in a high-security Mozambique prison, KTVB-TV reported.

The men have remained in jail for 76 days without any written charges being filed. MAF said an investigation is ongoing. 

The ministry said in a statement that Koher "has peace from God and is committed to His will."

The northern part of Mozambique has been dealing with jihadist insurgents for the past couple of years. 

In an update posted by MAF on Feb. 17,  Koher's wife Annabel said, "Thank you all for praying on Ryan's behalf—it is making a difference as God hears and answers!"

During his incarceration, Koher has suffered from a medical condition that has caused his skin to continuously itch, leading to loss of sleep. 

Annabel also posted a short video message asking Christians to join the MAF staff in praying for her husband every Wednesday. 

Last week, the ministry held a global day of prayer for Koher after it was announced his bail had been denied by the court.  

MAF said their country's director was able to meet with U.S. Ambassador Vrooman who was in Nampula to discuss Koher's situation. 

The ministry reported the investigation by the Mozambican prosecutor is continuing and hopefully will wrap up at the end of the month. 

It also noted Annabel and their two young sons have returned to MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, and are being cared for by family, their church family, and MAF staff. 

The ministry has asked everyone to please pray that this lengthy investigation will be completed and for the Kohers to remain strong during this time. If you desire to send words of encouragement to Annabel, they can be emailed to

Cards or letters of encouragement can be mailed to: 

Annabel Koher PO Box 47

Nampa, Idaho, 83653.