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9 injured outside bar in Cincinnati, Ohio

Randy Mancini 5 Aug 7
Crime scene police tape in front of blue and red police lights at night. Image by Gerd Altmann

Crime scene police tape in front of blue and red police lights at night. Image by Gerd Altmann

Nine people are injured after a shooting outside of a crowded bar in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to reports, shots were fired in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood early Sunday morning by at least two shooters who fled the scene after police fired back. During a press conference Sunday, Lt. Colonel Mike John said that the victims are eight men and one woman between the ages of 23 and 47.

“This has no place in our city, period,” Mayor Pureval said. “The gun violence we are seeing in our communities cannot and will not persist. We will continue to work hard to prevent gun violence in the future.”

Police just opened the 1300 block of Main St. here in OTR. So far they say 10 people were shot, nine were hospitalized and the shooter is still at large. @SpectrumNews1OH

— Michelle Alfini (@MichelleAlf) August 7, 2022

All the victims who were injured in the shooting were taken to nearby hospitals, but nobody is in critical condition and all are expected to make a full recovery. The shooting occurred after another shooting on the Riverfront which injured two more people.

“I am calling for personal accountability in this city,” Councilmember Scotty Johnson voiced. “We want everybody to have a good time and enjoy our city. We want everybody to come downtown and have a good time, but personal accountability has to trump these ridiculous, outlandish, beefs that are going on in our city.”

Evidence markers follow a trail of blood all the way to Sycamore St. Police say of the 9 people hospitalized none are in critical condition. @FOX19

— Ken Brown (@Fox19KenBrown) August 7, 2022

I just spoke with an employee of Mr.Pitiful’s who said they were working the door. He said all of a sudden “all hell broke loose.” They said they heard 15-20 gun shots, “It sounded like packs of fire crackers going off.” They saw multiple people taken away on stretchers. @FOX19

— Kody Fisher (@KodyFisherTV) August 7, 2022

It is not known if the shootings are connected and police are investigating the causes. Police are asking witnesses and anyone with video of the shooting to please contact them.

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