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Putin Rains Missiles on Kyiv, Russian Forces Slaughter Surrendering Civilians

Randy Mancini 9 Apr 29

Ukraine has become an "epicenter of unbearable heartache and pain," as the Russians maintain their all-out assault on multiple fronts. The U.N. Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres made that statement as he was touring the country's devastation outside the capital. Russian bombs destroyed two buildings during the Secretary-General's tour of Kyiv. Sprawling violence and bloodshed are ongoing in cities like Mariupol as the Russians push ahead. 

Ivan Drahun and son Vova, 10, mourn their wife and mother Maryna during her funeral in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, April 20, 2022. Vova's mother died while they sheltered in a cold basement (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

Here at home, President Biden promised more action. "We're going to seize their yachts, their luxury homes and ill-begotten gains," said Biden, although his inability to articulate some of his words raised some concerns. 


— Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) April 28, 2022

Biden hopes to sell the wealth of Russian oligarchs to help Ukraine in its war with Russia. He's also asking Congress for $33 billion for military, economic, and humanitarian aid.  

"The cost of this fight is not cheap but caving to Russian aggression will be more costly if we allow it to happen," the president said. 

As America seeks to restrain Russian aggression, fears are growing that Russia's war on Ukraine could spread beyond the border, either by crossing into NATO countries or through cyberwarfare. President Vladimir Putin has already cut off gas and oil to Bulgaria and Poland. 

Putin pointed out the size and power of his nuclear arsenal, Wednesday. His renewed threats of nuclear war come after accusing the U.S. of leading a proxy war against Russia – supplying weapons to Ukraine to weaken Russia's military. When pressed about the accusations by the media, Biden denied the claim.

"We're not attacking Russia, we're helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression," Biden said. 

Meanwhile, U.S. intel has credible information reporting one of the darkest chapters of this war: Russian forces executing Ukrainian civilians who were trying to surrender near Donetsk. And the bodies of women and girls showed signs of torture and rape. 

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Other barbarities include the destruction of Mission Eurasia last month. The ministry headquarters near Kyiv was destroyed by Russian tanks while trying to help Ukrainian refugees flee the war. The nonprofit posted before and after pictures of that destruction saying, "Russian troops threw any remaining stockpiles of Bibles and Christian books from our warehouse on the ground and burned them." 

And today comes news that the war has now claimed the life of an American, 22-year-old former U.S. Marine Willy Joseph Cancel who died fighting with Ukrainian forces. He leaves behind his wife and young son. 

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