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Ukraine's Actor-Turned-President Emerges as a David Against Goliath

Randy Mancini 7 Mar 1

When rumors surfaced that he was fleeing the capitol, he pushed back with a video of him and his leaders in the street saying, “We're still here.”   When the Biden administration offered an evacuation, he said, “I need ammunition, not a ride.”  

Gen. Keith Kellogg, Former National Security advisor Vice President Mike Pence, says the "Ukrainians are fighting back hard” and calls Zelensky’s leadership “incredible.”

“It shows his tremendous leadership and it's inspiring the Ukrainian nation,” says Kellogg.    Across social media, photos of Zelensky with his troops have gone viral.   On Saturday, his emotional teleconference plea to European leaders telling them it might be the last time they saw him alive, accelerated aid to Ukraine.   Almost 28 NATO countries have increased sanctions against Putin and Russian banks. Even Switzerland, known for its neutrality, has joined in, barring Putin from Swiss banks.     The pushback has sent the Russian economy into a tailspin and on top of the financial war, military analysts say Russia’s in trouble on the ground.    

“This is going terribly for Vladimir Putin and his forces. They designed a flawed concept,” says General (Ret) David Petraeus.

Fuel shortages have slowed the troops, along with the fighting skill of the Ukrainian people.  

“The Ukrainian will is so incredible. To see what they are doing, to see their president – he was a comedian who played the president on TV – this is the role of a lifetime. He should get an academy award and many other awards. He is a natural.,” says Petraeus. 

Zelensky's latest move is filing a genocide case against Russia. He's asking the UN to stop the Russian invasion and order the Kremlin to pay reparations.  

Zelenskyy's no longer acting, and what he's doing at home and abroad could save his country while crushing Putin’s ambition, for now.