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California Pastor Samuel Rodriguez Condemns 'Atmosphere of Deconstructionism … And Relativism'

Randy Mancini 17 Feb 26

California Pastor Samuel Rodriguez warned this past Sunday against the “atmosphere of deconstructionism, anarchy, chaos, and relativism” that has gripped the present age, urging ministers to speak truth from their pulpits.

People today “live in a world where influencers, politicians, sports figures, government officials truly believe — driven by the real culprit, the enemy of light — that they have the power to wake up in the morning and make radical changes,” said Rodriguez, pastor of New Season Worship in Sacramento.

“Very powerful forces believe … that they have the power and authority to change whatever they want, even the truths, definitions, institutions and realities ordained, anointed and established by God almighty,” he added.

The preacher described this phenomenon as “a global movement of change that is out of alignment with the Word and the will of God,” adding that Christians ought to remember Hebrews 13:8, which states: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (CSB).

“You can’t change Jesus,” Rodriguez preached. “You don’t have the power to change what Jesus did on the cross. You can’t change the shedding of the blood. You can’t change the fact that the tomb is still empty. You can’t change the fact that the Holy Spirit is still moving upon the face of the earth. You can’t change the Father, you can’t change the Son, and you cannot change the Holy Spirit.”

So since God is unchanging, the problem — at least in Rodriguez’s estimation — is pastors not speaking boldly enough.

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The leading problem in the U.S., he said, is not “the loud proponent of lies” but “the silent prophets of truth.”

“When pastors stand up on Sunday mornings and preach the truth, then this nation will be saved,” he declared.

Rodriguez explained that Christians ought not be shaken by those in the world who go through deconstruction, the process of questioning and ultimately rejecting many tenets of the faith, because God’s character is not impacted by changes in this life.

“Seasons may change, but God never changes,” he said. “Technology may change, but God never changes. Ideologies and social constructs may change, but God never changes. The occupant of the White House may change, but God never changes. Relationships may change, but God never changes.”

The California pastor is not the only one speaking out against the deconstruction trend.

Skillet lead singer John Cooper recently condemned deconstructionism as “a false religion.”

“[T]here is no such thing as freedom outside of Jesus Christ,” the singer said during a recent Winter Jam concert. “And for all of these formerly Christian people who have tried to tell all these young folks that they think they found a third way, their third way is this: It’s OK if you’re into Jesus, just don’t be into the Bible. I’m here to tell you, young folks, there is no such thing as loving Jesus but not loving His Word.”

Cooper wrote a lengthy column about his views on deconstruction. You can read that here.

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