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Clinton suggests Durham report a ‘wild conspiracy theory’

Randy Mancini 2 Feb 18
Former President Donald Trump has claimed Hillary Clinton’s campaign spied on him. Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton speaks at the New York State  Democratic Convention. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton spoke at the New York State Democratic Convention after the Durham probe found evidence she spied on Donald Trump in an attempt to connect his campaign with Russia.

On Thursday, Clinton repeated false claims about January 6 protests and accused Republicans of “inciting violence.” She then claimed the report by Special Counsel John Durham is a “wild conspiracy theory.”

The mainstream media said the Steele Dossier was real.

It wasn’t.

They said the Hunter Biden laptop story was fake.

It wasn’t.

And now they’re saying that Clinton’s cronies didn’t spy on President Trump.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) February 18, 2022

The former secretary of state also said that New York and the U.S. as a whole need “better leadership” while highlighting high inflation as well as lost businesses. Her comments fuel the latest speculation of a possible presidential run in 2024.

Clinton was reportedly met with scores of protesters outside the venue who criticized her past policy failures such as Benghazi.

BREAKING: Protesters chant “lock her up” as Hillary Clinton leaves the New York Democratic Convention.

— X Strategies LLC (@XStrategiesLLC) February 17, 2022

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