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Serbian president sets April 3 as election date

Randy Mancini 4 Feb 15
FILE PHOTO: German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Serbia
FILE PHOTO: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic speaks during a news conference during German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit in Belgrade, Serbia, September 13, 2021. REUTERS/Zorana Jevtic./File Photo

February 15, 2022

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic set April 3 as the date for a parliamentary election on Tuesday after dissolving parliament.

Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is expected to win the vote, according to the polls, but series of environmental protests including one against the exploration of lithium, could dent its popularity.

Local elections are set for the same day, and Vucic is expected to also call a presidential election for April 3.

“I call on citizens of Serbia to take part in the elections so we as the country can show the democratic capacity,” Vucic said after signing the decree to set the date.

“I am sure that this will be another step into the democratic and European future of Serbia.”

(Reporting by Ivana Sekularac; Editing by Alison Williams)