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The two Baltimore Ravens teammates also make


The brand new Madden 22 Bo Knows Legends cards are part of the promotion that launched earlier this month. This Bo Knows promotion honors the sportsman with two talents, Bo Jackson, with Madden 22 coins a new digital cover for the game, and diverse items. In Ultimate Team, that's included various upgraded cards for Bo who, as many gamers know, knows football.

The first group made up of Bo Knows Legends players arrived this week. That included Dan Dierdorff, Iverson Walls, Charle Young, and Bruce Smith. They each received an Power Up item, 85 OVR together with the 94 OVR cards for the game. The same should happen with other players.

The new Legends products are scheduled to come out on Ultimate Team on Monday, the 29th of November as part the promotion. The other recent promotions launched in Madden have included a Thanksgiving themed promotion that includes Blitz along with Team of the Week which arrives weekly.

Using our model and the most recent set of data2 available on Madden's website Madden website, we have identified certain players in which Madden as well as a pure model-based approach differ which is interesting.

Injecting human judgment into a system of grading isn't necessarily bad. Daniel Sorensen is a good example. He's having a terrible year for his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, and he's playing a role in their defense's surrender of 69.5 points more than they expected this season, which ranks 31st in the league. Sorensen's play has earned him an overall coverage grade which is 42.2 per cent by Pro Football Focus and an overall score of 35.5. In spite of his struggles, Sorensen appears to be quick! Based upon his on-field speed that is measured by player tracking data, we'd expect an essentially model-based speed score for Sorensen of 89 or so, nearly 7 points more than Madden's Week 9 grade of 82. Perhaps the folks at EA aren't keen to award a player performing as poorly as Sorensen with a high grade in a crucial area like speed, considering that it's such an enormous impact on the game. If this is the case, it's hard to fault them.

Other notable exceptions include Chiefs Wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who has the fastest speed score in the entire game of Madden at 99. Hill is definitely fast, and maybe we're not arguing here however his max career speed of 22.8 mph has been only fourth place in the league , since 2017.3 And his current average weekly speed which is very respectable isn't even close to those top 50.

The two Baltimore Ravens teammates also make the list of slightly underrated speedsters. Lamar Jackson appears to be operating more slowly this year likely due to recurring back injuries. His max speed for a game of 19.4 mph last year was almost a mile per hour faster than cheap Madden nfl 22 coins his speed in the current season. Madden isn't bothered, however. The speed score of 96 Madden offers Lamar halfway through the year is more than 11 points higher than his model-based score.4