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EoC won't make fighting non-boss monsters fun


So, that's prestige. In a team, you need to always have the equivalent of the tool kit (whether bought or bound) and laws/cosmics or astrals in case you have additional or extra. Astrals can be used to RS gold treat poisons, and are therefore useful in abandoned 2/warped (abandoned are usually and rushed. CRUSH skeletons. Attack styles are a major part of dugneoneering.

SUBMIT a 2h sword (the the best you can get) and if you don't possess the smithing skills for it, go to the 'Dung Smith' FC. Once you've got the Shadow Silk Hood from a night spider, you can bind it also - up until you have the best tier platebody (again, 'Dung Smith FC)

Bind Law the runes you need until you find the Celestial surgebox (from high level Forgotten Mages. It's like a little silver box held in their free-hand). When you locate a surge box, make enough runes to cast 125 air surges. Place it in the boxand then bind it. Then, when you get the surgebox it will be able to make at least 125 air surges. This is all I've seen, if you have any questions PM me on Sals.

It appears that the combat aspect is making the game seem more like WoW..? It's not really a bad thing Imo. What I would enjoy is a dungeons system similar to WoW with a healer or tank, dps or dps. It's way too much. The EoC as it is is good enough to keep RS from its dead combat mechanics. You've probably never PvP'd...

To be honest EoC IMO isn't good or bad, however, I'm sure it will get rid of bots though, which is great. The thing is, Dungeoneering isn't anything that you can explain. there were a few clan wars updates for F2P however F2P hasn't got much..

I've played with PvP during the Beta. It's quite good. PvP in the Live, that's another story. I'm not rich enough to afford to replace any of my lost equipment and I usually don't go up north. In addition, I don't possess the over-loading herblore.

In my opinion, however, I would not classify PvP with the current system of combat "dead combat," though it's a matter of opinion. I'd say that combating most non-boss monsters in the current system is quite boring but it's probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.

EoC won't make fighting non-boss monsters fun... It's just going to make you spam your abilities. I've pvp'd in buy OSRS gold the live game and it's fantastic. Beta PvP'ing... At the moment, it's fantastic. Everyone gets Full Torva/Pernix/chaotics whatever.