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The wave 35 jad can't be moved, so even if you



If I don't believe in Augury/Rigour prayer, should I be on runescape gold curses? If yes, which characters do I need to SoulSplit should I SoulSplit on, if any? If you're not one to sneeze at flashing, split your soul when there are only a few enemies on you. If you do want to suck at flashing, you can tank maybe 2 meleers OR 2 rangers and 1 small mage while soul splitting.

If I own dreadnips, could be used on dills and bank my pickaxe? It's only if you have Titan, which probably don't if using tort. Are the Jad's tanks in Ganodermic legs and top possible or more worth it to pray/flinch?

Prayer switching isn't hard. Make sure you don't flinch when you really suck at it. If I'm carrying two tort pouches, and the unicorn pouch with scrolls, do I replace brews for these? My gear configuration: 1k Diamond Bolts (e) I'm fairly certain that runite bolts are better overall. Broads are a good choice, or you might use Karil's.

Neitiznot Helmet Since you don't have a titan you may consider changing to a defensive one like Gano and Verac. But it's not required. Armadyl Platebody has legs as well. If you can't afford it use royal Dhide. Chaotic Crossbow Karil's may work in a similar way to runite bolts.

Standard 3:1 ratio should be acceptable. Fill inv+tort up until you have two inv spaces left. Fill those spaces with garbage food items such as shark since you'll replace them with crystals. I will also be filling an ice cream cone with brews prior entering. Additional tips. Utilize resizable settings to see more of the screen. Dreadnips are best on opponents with high defense and HP, such as the large mages and jads. Mage jads will not bother you if they don't be afraid to face when they attack.

The wave 35 jad can't be moved, so even if you suck at praying, you'll need practice it for at minimum one jad. Smokey's method of standing in the west and walking to the jad isn't actually necessary. Stand on NE side of rock and immediately use the invulnerability crystals.

You should attack jad at least once so that osrs accounts you can place a doomsday on it, and you can slay the meleer. Jad then becomes the only thing to be able to attack you. Haraken's head will only appear in the W, E and S sides.