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Another card in the Madden 22 set we believe


The game has gotten 11 predictions right and 7 wrong. Most of the wrong predictions were from more recent years. Madden NFL has its first four Super Bowl predictions correct and had a pretty strong track Madden nfl 22 coins record up until 2015.

Since I've started writing these articles (beginning on the 1st of May, early 2015) I've covered seven Super Bowls before this one. Madden NFL is only 3 out of 7 correct.

Overall, 11/18 isn't a bad track record by any means. We'll see if the game is on track on the eve of Super Bowl 56 this Sunday.

Black History Month has made its appearance in Madden 22 with the help of an Madden Ultimate Team promotion. There are more cards being dropped into Marketplace MUT 22.

There's a broad selection of cards to choose from within these sets and different kinds of. The ratings will be broken down of the best cards and reveal the entire six-player set. Let's have a look at this year's Black History Month promo in Madden 22.

In honor the occasion of Black History Month, Madden 22 has announced the newest MUT 22 promotion that features six cards you can add on to your Ultimate Team lineup. The promo was first revealed during Good Morning Madden first, click here to watch the original announcement.

Since February 8th 2022the 2022 cards will be being used in Madden Ultimate Team. The cards range from 93 OVR to the 88 OVR. There's also an Out of Position card also. These players haven't been sold at the Auction House and won't because they're all in the NAT. However, packs and sets are now available If you're interested to collect them.

Best cards in the Black History Month promo

If you're in the right position looking for the new MUT 22 cards of the Black History Month set could perform perfectly for you.

Our personal favorite is the 93 OVR Lamar Jackson. The 95 SPD and 94 THP make him an excellent selection for offenses that read. The pocket escape will be no issue for Jackson and his incredible speed and throw with ease with his 94 TOR.

Another card in the Madden 22 set we believe is amazing is an OOP Najee Harris wide receiver. He's a 93 OVR wide receiver with a 94 SPD and JMP ratings of 96. He's just 6'2", so you'll likely need buy mut coins madden 22 to consider using him as an oblique wide receiver.