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I get too much negative squads... Sometimes


So , the best 3 options I'd suggest to you the skirt of RuneScape gold Verac, or Dragon Legs along with Fighter torso as well as Abyssal whip/Dragon Defender (you might also want to have Guthan's set that heals you along with this). Torag's Plate and Legs along with Whip along with Defender. This is a great defense, but for the majority of scenarios it's very ineffective since you rarely suffer much damage anyways. Verac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The complete set can be used for certain types of activities such as Kalphite queen , barrows and queens, or PvP.

It's really a group effort. You can be a great keyer but without a equally competent team, it's not worth anything. You can do like 5:5 bigs, but you need at least 2-3 people who are good, which includes you. In that situation, you'll find someone who's that has quit rage or is getting lazy/not doing much.

I feel that having certain products helps a lot too. This includes for instance, the Shadow Silk Hooded. Not just for you , but for your whole team. Since even one person not experiencing it could slow down the dungeon, especially if you're trying to replicate one in a lever room. However, the Skeletons keep attacking their opponents. Non Hooded one.

It might be beneficial to work to improve your stats. Not just combat , but the capabilities as well. It's a waste of time when a keyer enters an entryway and finds that you need to prune the vines, but you're lacking enough experience, you'll need to contact someone to come do this door. Sometimes they'll forget to bring knives. It also means they are not able to use it. It's for the combat aspect of things. I'm talking about mostly Strength/Defence. It is only Strength that you can use for the door to the force bar or any other room that requires that skill. After that, you'll need Defence to wear better armuor/tank more monsters.

It is also important to realize that you need time in order to become proficient in this area as each dungeon will be different so it requires different methods of doing it. In the new version, I believe it will be simpler than before. Since if you are able to find the hooded 125+ team w/ 90+ Dungeoneering conducting occult floors, then that can help. Prior to that, you'd need to go with whoever was doing say floor 38. Just because that was the only one you could leave.

I'm sure that my Dungeoneering is lower than yours/you could probably be able to key faster than me, but I think this is a good idea and does make sense. There are many small things to consider, such gating doors or keeping the ggs open or removing them. It takes while and I think you'll find that if you keep working at it , you'll learn.

I know that, but thanks for the assistance nonetheless, and the reason why i key is the sake for finding teams easily on 148 without combat prejudice . I'd put off keying after i've reached 3bo (unless everyone is really keying and everyagrees i could key)

I get too much negative squads... Sometimes a person takes forever in teleporting to an entrance. Sometimes , a person doesn't declare what they have gated or is unable to teleport for a long period of time. A lot of times people don't pay attention to pot making, or when i order to gate or such and such, sometimes the gd is too. Skills are still a concern in the 148. I don't trust teams in 148 therefore i just basically do buy RS gold dungeons myself, (moving ggs everytime, running keys etc ...)