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Prior to getting a signature shoe, it was Nike


Your video game legacy dates back to 1989, when Madden 22 coins you became the star of Tecmo Bowl. What was it like watching yourself on the screen back then?

I can still picture myself in Tecmo Bowl. I've got this video game. I still have the device for it to use. However, it's stored in a box located in storage. It's iconic. It feels good to know that I have grown men in their 40s who say"Hey, my friend and I had the most intense conflict of our lives, because we each wanted to be in Tecmo Bowl when we were young. Therefore, our parents seized the game, and my dad put it away in his tools cabinet. The game was unplayable for a whole month since the fight was so intense.' I hear that frequently. When I attend sporting memorabilia events, there are people who come up with that video game. They'll say, "I've have the game machine I played it on. My kids play it. My grandkids play it ... also everybody continues to argue about who is going to end up being Bo Jackson.' Tecmo Bowl ... that was a lot of technology in the early days. You look at it now and you're like, "Wow it's an old-fashioned.'

Have you never played Tecmo Bowl?

I've not played Tecmo Bowl. That's just the truth. I've watched people playing it quite a bit. But I was able to figure out what I could do. I knew that my Tecmo Bowl man could do. It gives me pleasure to listen to people compliment me from that game.

Part of your video game return to Madden includes celebrating Nike's iconic Bo Knows campaign. Rewind to the beginning. How did the brand present the concept about Bo Knows to you?

We came across Bo Knows accidentally. Writers, directors, sketchers -- we were sitting in a circle, looking over storyboards for our next shoot. We wanted to cut the length of the script because it was slightly too long. Everyone was giving their opinions about this or that. I asked, 'Why should we not do this? ... Then why would we not shift this to the other side, then put it here, join it, and cut out about five or six hours?' They glanced at me then said "Wow. This could work. A person across the table looked towards me with a smile and replied "Bo Knows!' It stuck. Nobody sat down and washed their heads or stayed up all night trying to think of the catchy phrase. It just happened sitting around the war table , discussing the latest news.

Prior to getting a signature shoe, it was Nike Air Bo Turf, in the year 1990, you launched by wearing the Nike Air Trainer 3, which buy Madden nfl 22 coins was dubbed your shoe. What are your fondest memories regarding those shoes? Air Trainer 3?