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One of the most popular minigames of OSRS


On top of that Cerberus also gives Smoldering Stone, which can be that is used for upgrading Dragon Tools into Infernal instruments (Axe, Pickaxe and so on). Since the drops of RuneScape Gold this boss are so expensive and because it is easily accessible , it's a ideal place to farm adventurers over 91 Slayer.

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil."Thermy" is Thermy is a Slayer boss who is a bigger and tougher version of Smoke Devil that resides among his younger brothers in Smoke Devil Dungeon. It can only be attacked during the Smoke Devil mission and must be leveled to 93 in the Slayer skill. This is the only monster that gives Smoke Battlestaff which is the most costly of battlestaffs. Additionally it has a small chance of leaving Smoke Devil's pet Smoke Devil.

A different version of a normal monster is the Abyssal Sire which is the boss of Abyssal Demons. If you have completed level 85 of the Slayer are able to take on this monster with the Slayer task that is one-on-one. One of the easiest ways for achieving this goal is the use in the form of Fairy Ring code D.I.P. Within Abyssal Nexus there are four rooms that Sire can be defeated, allowing several players to take on this foe simultaneously. The boss is famous for dropping abyssal objects, including Abyssal Whip and Abyssal Dagger that are both sold for the equivalent of a few million in Grand Exchange.

Similar as Dagannoth Kings - Grotesque Guardians are a pair of enemies known as Dusk and Dawn that are considered an individual boss. These enemies are located on the top of Slayer Tower in Morytania. To access their room, players must acquire an access key before they can enter.

The item can be cultivated only during Gargoyle which allows fighting with the boss himself. After the fight , guardians could have to give away granite objects, of which granite gloves and hammers are the most important. On top of that there is a one-in-one chance to find Black Tourmaline Core drop which is a possibility to sell for several million dollars.

One of the most popular minigames of OSRS includes a fight against six Barrows Brothers which while not risky for an experienced player , could pose a lethal threat to new adventurers. The Barrows Brothers include Ahrim who is blighted (level 99 Mage), Dharok the Wretched (level 115 Warrior), Guthan the Infested (level 115 Warrior), Karil the OSRS Gold For Sale Tainted (level archer in 98), Torag the Corrupted (level 115 Warrior) and Verac the Defiled (level 115 Warrior).