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  • Posted On : Nov 24, 2022
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  • Description : Nine things that drive even the most relaxed yogi crazy


  • Nine things that drive even the most relaxed yogi crazy - you should leave out in the yoga studio instead. Read the article YOGITIMES.

    Loud cell phone ringing during meditation can be like a yogic challenge, and practice letting the noise pass by you. However, it would be more considerate to turn off your smartphone out of consideration for the other yogis in the room.

    1. Metallica for meditation
    If during meditation, a smartphone with a Metallica ringtone or other favorite songs announces itself and drives the pulse from the deep relaxation directly on 180, were for you and all additional 90 minutes of yoga in vain. Therefore, it is best to turn off the cell phone altogether because even the vibration sounds for incoming SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, or other notifications can be noisy and disturbing in a completely silent room.

    2. Mud on the mat
    You shouldn't wear street shoes in the studio and always take them off in the entrance area. There are shoe racks for temporary storage, and no one wants to practice yoga with mud on the mat carried in during rainy or winter weather. But even on dry days, you should refrain from wearing your shoes on the floor in the studio.

    3. Snacks during the lesson
    Apart from the rustling sound of unwrapping a granola bar can be quite a disturbing noise for the other participants, it is best not to eat anything for two hours before the yoga class. It's simply not healthy for the body to be busy digesting during the sometimes strenuous asanas or for the meal to travel back in the direction it came from during a headstand.

    4. Abortive socks
    As with sex, the same applies to yoga: socks are unacceptable! Slippery socks can be dangerous in some body positions. But of course, you don't have to do anything with yoga. If you have chronically cold feet or don't want to practice barefoot for other reasons, you can wear socks. But then it's best to wear non-slip ones.

    5. Not all cups in the cupboard
    Whether drinks are allowed in the yoga room, the studios regulate very individually. Since many asanas involve sweating and detoxification, drinking water or herbal tea in between is advisable. However, cups, glasses, and other open containers should remain in the cupboard, as they can be knocked over quickly during practice and thus flood the neighboring mat. Bottles and thermoses are also not recommended because of their fragility and loudness when knocked over. It is best to bring a plastic bottle and place it so that no one can trip over it.

    6. Small talk during sun salutations
    You haven't seen your girlfriend for a whole week, and you have a lot to tell her. However, the yoga class is an entirely wrong time for this. Apart from being rude to the yoga instructor and the other yoginis, it would be best if you were all about yourself while practicing. If you're listening to your girlfriend's latest dating stories, you can't listen inward and to her body.

    7. Set scent marks
    Candles are lit in some yoga classes, especially in the evening classes, creating a beautiful atmosphere and promoting relaxation. However, it would help if you avoided scented candles with penetrating (synthetic) smells, which can give the other participants a headache. Also, perfuming before the Yoga hour should be omitted from consideration for the other Yoginis.

    8. Standing on the mat with other yogis
    Stepping on the yoga mat of another class participant is considered an absolute no-go in the yoga studio. You should also not stand too close to anyone, and ensure at least a forearm's length of space between your mat and your neighbor's.

    9. Come with an academic quarter hour
    Rushing into the yoga room, noisily spreading out your mat, and nudging your neighbor to ask if he can move a little to the side does not go well when the class has already started. That's why you should be on time for the yoga class.