His father makes the possibility of a contest that Z can't resist

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  • That was the case for ZLaner as his own father decided to go into stealth mode and compete against his son Lost Ark Gold. In a clip on February 13, ZLaner posted an interaction with his dad during a game of Warzone. Sitting in the lobby of the game His dad said "I'm trying to stream snipe your and I believe that I'm in your lobby right now."

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    "I'll greet you on Peak." His dad nicknamed 'PapaLaner' told him with all the certainty of the world. "I'm going to get helicopter ahead of you."

    In a flash, the race was underway. After the game began ZLaner and his dad both went for the heli. Unfortunately, for the pro his dad, he was on the upper hand. Papa Z was the first to get his feet wet and did exactly what he was aiming to do Buy Lost Ark Gold. ZLaner shared a sweet moment when his dad stream sniped him on Warzone.