WOW TBC Classic: Recommended pets for various purposes

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  • In TBC Classic, the hunter's pet can act as a tank for the hunter to resist part of theWOW TBC Classic Gold damage when fighting alone or in a team. Therefore, it is very important to have the best hunter pet. The following recommends the best leveling, raid and arena hunter pets in TBC.Wind snakes are the best choice for hunters to carry when upgrading. As long-range damage pets, they can use the combat advantage of long-range attacks to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold enter the battle earlier than the enemy. Feed the wind snake pet bread, cheese, and fish to increase its damage. They have a 7% damage buff that can cause magic damage and two damage abilities. You can find and run the Zul'Gurub team in Stranglethorn Vale to obtain the special ability of the Wind Serpent-Lightning Breath.The best raid pet: the predator. Ravager has a powerful damage ability, a necessary ability for surprise attacks. They can learn the best damage handling capabilities of the two pets, Gore and Bite. When you use the new talent Go for the Throat to improve your Focus Generation, you can maximize Gore's uptime.Finally, in the arena, the top defensive pet scorpion is recommended. Scorpions can be trained with the "Scorpion Venom" skill to apply a debuff effect to the enemy. This effect can stack up to 5 times. If the hunter uses this skill after applying the snake sting, the enemy team will not be able to dispel the snake sting. In addition, feeding meat can increase Scorpid's damage. By the way, if you want to get the pets you want, you can choose to buy them with the cheapest WOW Classic TBC Gold!Do you want to obtain these powerful hunter pets? This may need to consume a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold. MMORPGMALL is a professional WOW TBC Classic Gold supplier, both old players and novices can get the TBC Classic Gold they want there!