What are the tank levels in WoW TBC Classic

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  • Posted On : Apr 26, 2022
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  • If you are a player who likes to play WoW Classic very much, you should know very well that WoW Classic is dominated by warriors in both DPS and Tanking roles. But unlike WoW Classic, TBC Classic will bring new Burning Crusade Classic Gold varieties of both. Under normal circumstances, warrior tanks usually share the limelight with other professions, and melee DPS will play a secondary role after the caster and hunter.Although each specialization has its advantages, the guild will only use three potential specializations in raids. A specialization is the strongest from beginning to end in the entire expansion, but it is very likely that you will see the guild clear all three different specializations in the entire TBC. The top guild will find a time and place to use each of these specifications during the expansion process.Wild Druid tanks have the best armor in the game because of their bear form. They will compete with the Warriors as the strongest tank in the early stages of the game, but in the later stages, they are likely to become top war dogs. In addition, they bring powerful effects to raids through debuffs such as Faire Fire and Mangle, and buffs such as Wild Mark of the Wild, Thorns, and Leader of the Classic TBC Gold Pack.The warrior tank has changed significantly from classic to TBC. They will be strong at the beginning of the expansion, but will be surpassed by wild druids later. Even if certain battles are more suitable for wild or paladin, you can still use them throughout TBC. Although the classic is to find the right balance between fury and protection, everyone will go deep into the protection of TBC and attach great importance to more defensive data and equipment.