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  • Dissertation Theory

    We all know that before you can write a dissertation, you need to establish first a theory that will start all things for research. This is the dissertation theory sentence. You can also regard it as the thesis statement for your paper. What is a theory? A theory is a statement or a claim that generalizes an idea. However, this idea does not have supporting details yet. That is why a theory is not an acceptable notion unless proven by research. In the course of writing a dissertation paper, you need to have a dissertation theory because it will become the reason for you to conduct research. Let us see how you can buy a narrative essay yet interesting theory for your dissertation.

    The dissertation theory sentence must have the affirmation of an opinion. It all starts with the writer’s idea about a given topic. There is no harm in claiming that something is true or valid. It is because you will be conducting research in order to prove that you do have a good sentence idea. Therefore, your thesis statement must be an assertive one. You should claim that your idea is an acceptable one and you can entice your readers to also accept it once you have proven its validity.

    You should also have a dissertation theory that is interesting. How can we make it interesting? It depends on the topic that you will use for the research. An interesting topic will fuel up the curiosity of the readers. It will also provoke them to participate in the discussion because they will have the chance to contradict what they think is true or false. Thus, you will be able to provoke them and it will stir their minds to see what is really valid and what is not.

    A thesis statement can be based on observation, known fact, analysis of another idea or a question. These are all characteristics of a thesis sentence. However if you will apply the concept of writing a dissertation theory, you need to modify the statement. As a theory, you cannot have it in question form. EssayAssistant can simply use assumptions and opinion based claims. Otherwise, you will not be stating an idea.

    One more thing about writing a dissertation theory is to write it in a very specific manner. You cannot have more than one idea in the thesis statement. Because of that, you only need a single opinion or thesis that will start the research process. It will be very hard to support more than one theory because the research flow will only arrive at a single conclusion, to prove or disprove the theory that you have provided.

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