A standing dunk is done by pressing your shoot button

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  • A standing dunk is done by pressing Nba 2k22 Mt your shoot button (square or X) or flicking the right stick upwards while holding R2 or RT. Standing dunks are executed by centers or forwards, using the elite or pro Dunk packs on NBA 2K22. Your player must be standing without defenders around to execute this move.

    A powerful dunk is executed by holding down the triggers R2 or RT and then flicking the right stick in any direction while sprinting. Aggressive dunks are available to anyone who is equipped with elite dunking kits such as Ja Morant, Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.

    It's fine if the defenders are within the paint, when you have elite dunkers because they possess the essential attributes needed to make a spectacular finish over them. Having the player sprint from the backcourt and have strong stamina will increase your odds of completing the move.

    A contact dunk is made by holding down R2 or RT with the right stick pointed up as you sprint toward the basket. A defender must be on the other side of the court so that your player can finish an oblique dunk with him.

    Elite finishers have an increased chances of buy 2k22 mt finishing contact dunks over defenders. Players who are equipped with elite or pro packages are able to access contact dunks, however the challenge to finish them increases when compared to players who have blockers and paint defenses that are high.