It doesn't even matter. Sincere and honest when they autologize you

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  • Posted On : Feb 15, 2022
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  • Description : It doesn't even matter. Sincere and honest when they autologize you


  • It doesn't even matter. Sincere and honest when they autologize you , even if you're in combat with, say, giant spiders, bandits and OSRS Gold the many other training spots, I don't think any player has been banned - or even banned, as I would guess - for playing AFK's. It's not like Jagex has a video camera that you're using while playing. If you get away, technically, you're AFK but using youtube to browse while fishing, or doing work when fishing is fine.

    Thanks! This is exactly the type of answer I was looking for. What I've learned is that if I am still in the room, it is alright. If I go away just for a second to go to the washroom or something, it is alright. If I go on a continuous leave the same time, that's not okay. It's okay, as you aren't banned, but you're technically still banned. However, given how difficult to prove it is - I'm pretty sure Jagex doesn't know if you were on forums or whatever It doesn't matter.

    If I'm using the computer, it is still working? Everything is alright. You will not be banned for AFK training. The whole concept seems absurd to me. They're trying to make you stay on Runescape in the maximum amount of time. There's no way to use a bot if you AFK train which is why there's a big issue.

    There's no task that cannot be accomplished with hard money as well as a robust set of tools. And keeping this in mind we've made some highly-requested usability improvements in this tool belt. Money Pouch and Tool Belt.

    In the lower part of the mini-map's interface, there's a small icon depicting a pile of coins. From now on, coins can be stored here rather than on your list of inventory items, if you'd prefer. You can right-click coins to add them to the money pouch in your inventory. Remember that coins are safe from being destroyed if you die unless they are in your inventory after you die within the Wilderness.

    The tool belt icon can be found in the lower right corner of the inventory interface you have set up. Most tools can be added to this belt, which means you can utilize them at any time you require them, without taking up Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold inventory space.