It's an alternative method to get to 99 Construction

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  • Description : It's an alternative method to get to 99 Construction


  • After you have finished buying your first house, you can relocate and start working on furniture. To start of take the planks and nails and OSRS Gold Buy begin creating Crude Wooden Chairs. After you've made 14 of them , you can begin making 46 regular ones. When you're done, you can make 73 oak Chairs or 102 Armchairs made of Oak. It will take you to level 33 in less than one hour. However, for all materials you'll need to spend about 200k gold. There aren't many quests that have minimal requirements to be used to get started in Construction but you can finish Tower of Life after level 10 Construction for a simple 1k exp.

    In this level gaps Oak Larders are in general the most efficient. About 1800 planks are required to this step that will cost around 1mil. Though it could sound like a lot, there are no other methods for leveling at this stage. You'll need kitchens in your POH to construct this object.

    These are among the fastest options when it comes to reaching 99. The creation of Mahogany Tables takes an average of 20 hours to complete, and they cost around 200mil, as a table is built of six mahogany planks. If you don't want to spend that amount on making Construction 99, there are other ways of getting to your maximum. However, remember that they aren't going to be faster than this one.

    It's an alternative method to get to 99 Construction that we can suggest. You can make progress in creating Teak Benches which is a quite a click-intensive procedure since you can almost simultaneously you can construct one bench and then destroy the other. It is two times cheaper than Mahogany Tables and rate of leveling is any less. If you're not averse to methods that have you constantly clicking , this could add some variaty to your training.

    If you're not looking to pay over 200mil for the top of Construction we have good option for you. It is possible to achieve 99 on this subject while spending less than RuneScape Gold 2007 100mil. While this is still a fantastic quantity, there's no better alternatives available right now. If you're thinking of going on this path, you should start following the steps in the guide above and stop at 47.