Mood is ecstasy! Erotic Horror ADV "LUST From Beyond: M Edition" Delivery Japan Decision-Demo Version Also Dain

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  • Posted On : Jan 12, 2022
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  • Description : Familiar erotic horror ADV "LUST From Beyond: M Edition" released in crazy play experience has been decided and demo version has been delivered.


  • This work was influenced by the jobs such as H · P · Love Craft, H · R Gieger, Zizzufu Bex Snowboarding, FPS style survival scary journey. You can experience the new scenario of the previous job Lust from Beyond released in March 2021, as well as the gamer will still look for the world where the wish, interesting and fear swirls.

    • Popular Love Crafty Anhora from followers is a lot more brand-new as well as pleasant look.

    Furthermore, there are the complying with features (pointed out from the Vapor store page).

    Movie Games Lunarium announces that the launch of the erotic horror ADV LUST From Beyond: M Edition is picked February 10, 2012, as well as at the exact same time at heavy steam and also GOG.COM, COMPUTER (Demo version delivery has actually been started for Windows).

    • We minimize shocking material as well as emphasize the story and video game nature

    • A tale to be chatted from the viewpoint of Cuttian staff

    • Run, hide on your own, creep, fight, and so on, with survival scary components

    • Setups as well as designs inspired by Love Craft, Gieger, Bex Skiing functions

    • A deep significance option and RPG progression component

    • Really hard problem that tries your knowledge

    • Audio taped area tape-recorded in the building that was wrecked

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    The sensual horror breath that can be listened to in the chaos is currently Lust From Beyond: M Version will certainly be supplied on February 10, 2022 (STeam/

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