Shakes & Fidget: Dumb Now on the Speed Server Faster than ever Levels & Mushrooms!

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  • Posted By : Adella Boyer
  • Posted On : Oct 30, 2021
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  • Category : Sports
  • Description : The Free2Play RPG Shakes & Fidget also gets a great update this year to Halloween again: a speed server! + Raffle


  • Over 50 million registered users to more than 90 servers worldwide - these are the impressive figures for the fun adventure Free2Play Shakes & Fidget, now for over 12 years is popular with role players very popular. The game is always supplied by the publisher Playa Games with new content. For special occasions such as Halloween consider the developers always something special: This year, you are allowed 29 October 16:00 until November 28 on a Speedserver experience how Shakes & Fidget feels the absolute thrill of speed. Click here to go directly to the speed server!

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    Before we go into more detail of this special event, we want to give a glimpse of what awaits you in Shakes & Fidget and why the funny role playing game in all these years has lost nothing of its charm. At Entry Level Shakes & Fidget you seek you one of eight character classes with corresponding strengths, weaknesses and different initial values ​​from. Then you certainly still the appearance of your hero and you re off! In the tavern always new quests waiting for you, for your gold, experience points and also gets occasional equipment. The time to graduate those quests, you can shorten it by her borrow a mount in the stable for a small fee. At the end of each job you can expect one automatically running battle you almost always wins. In the PVP Arena you also transgress in self-running, asynchronous battles against other players. Later in the game you have the opportunity to find under Quests key for dungeons. In these dungeons you meet much tougher opponents, but you also have the chance to better items. At higher levels you even more exciting features like pet battles, Fortress Construction and arena management expect then. Shakes & Fidget: Now on the Speedserver faster than ever before leveling and fungi dusting Source: fun adventure Equipment for your hero you can also buy in the two equipment stores. The armor store their clothes and weapons can buy, in the magic shop jewelry and potions. There are two relevant currencies in the game: To get gold, completed her quests, works for the city guard and sold looted items that you do not need. With this currency buys their new equipment and Levelt the five core values ​​of your heroes. More important than gold but are fungi, of which you get paid at the beginning of ten. You can do this in the context of quests get win over gambling or as a prize at Glücksraddrehen. Shakes & Fidget: Now on the leveling speed servers faster than ever and fungi dusting Source: fun adventure From 29 October at 16:00 you are allowed Shakes & Fidget play in speed mode. As the name suggests, a lot going on here much faster than in the normal game. Many timers, for example, for the completion of quests to run twice as fast. In addition, you get a lot more experience, gold, stone, wood and other resources than on a normal server! After the end of Speedserver (November 28, 2021, 23:59) Players may transfer its remaining mushrooms on a new account in World 52nd

    raffle: get a fungal packages worth more than 2,700 euros for the Speedserver !

    If you ve now got the desire you to look at the speed of server Shakes & Fidget, then we have something cool for you. We are giving away valuable mushroom packages along with manufacturers Playa Games.

    RICH PREGNANT VS BROKE PREGNANT || Funny Pregnancy Situations with Rich VS Poor by Kaboom Zoom

    3x Mushroom package with 3,000 fungi (in-game currency) 33x mushroom package with 500 mushrooms (in-game currency) 333x Mushroom package with 50 fungi (in-game currency)

    Now click on the link below this video and saves you a few mushrooms that you will facilitate the progress in the game. The total value of to be awarded mushroom gifts of more than 2,700 euros and: first come, first serve!

    Just click here to participate in the instant lottery, the fungus packages!

    The raffle runs until the 28th of November, 14.59. Until then, you can participate under the specified conditions of participation. The sending of the mushroom packages by e-mail takes place immediately if you have participated. The assignment of the codes takes place by random. If all codes are awarded, the raffle ends automatically. Redeeming the codes is only possible until the 28th of November, 15.59.

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