eFootball Update That Consists of Big Fixes Postponed To November

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  • Posted On : Oct 26, 2021
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  • Description : Konami requires even more time prior to launching the brand-new patch for everybody.


  • A big update for Konami s eFootball 2022 -- which has actually been overwhelmed with concerns because launch-- is still heading, however followers will certainly need to wait a little longer for it to get here.

    Konami informed players on Twitter that the 0.9.1 spot, which was initially scheduled for launch on October 28, is currently coming at some point in November. We truly excuse the delay and the trouble caused. Our hope is that the additional time taken will permit us to make sure the experience is enhance for every one of our customers, Konami claimed in a declaration.

    Konami will certainly announce the release day as well as various other details for the 0.9.1 spot at a later date. While that is being ironed out, Konami states it continues to deal with improving the game as well as that it eagerly anticipates continuing to gather feedback as well as have a dialogue with fans regarding the game.

    eFootball 2022 is a rebranding of the preferred PES collection from previous years. eFootball is a free-to-play game with a hefty live-service element, with Konami pledging to launch more material and also updates over time.

    On Steam, eFootball 2022 has an overwhelmingly adverse accumulation review rating, and it is just one of the lowest-rated game on the completely of Steam, according to Eurogamer. Numerous are calling out the game s free-to-play organization design, in enhancement to its ongoing issues.

    The game s face scans for prominent gamers like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo do not exactly look reasonable in eFootball 2022. NPCs in the crowd, as well, likewise don t look excellent, with players joking that they seem to be better of a PS1-era game.

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