First Aid Guide to Classic WoW: Burning Crusade

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  • This guide will help you learn about The Burning Crusade Classic for First Aid! Everyone can learn first aid. You can make your own bandages for yourself as well as your companions to help get better.

    TBC First Aid is not hard to master. There are only two First Aid recipes that make Netherweave Bandage or Heavy Netherweave Bandage. For this reason, there aren't any separate leveling or recipes to help you prepare for First Aid.

    What is TBC First Aid?

    Every player can learn First Aid within Burning Crusade Classic. In order to help yourself and others, you could also create bandages. There are no fresh Anti-Venom recipe like in Classic.

    There are some differences in the first aid for TBC and the retail.

    First Aid was removed as a second skill in the pre-patch of Battle for Azeroth and became an integral part of Tailoring. As such, it no longer exists as an individual ability in Retail. It's still present and active as a skill in Burning Crusade.

    Burning Crusade Classic First Aid Profession Trainers

    First Aid trainers to Silvermoon City and Exodar (1-150).

    Classic First Aid uses books to teach Expert as well as Artisan levels. The Trainers will only be used to teach the Apprentice or Journeyman levels. For more information on the process of leveling First Aid in Classic, check out the Classic First Aid 1-300 Guide.

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    , The Crystal Hall, The Exodar (/way 39.6 22.6)

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    , Walk of Elders, Silvermoon City (/way 77.8 70.4)

    Outlands First Aid Instructor 1-150

    There's one First Aid Instructor located in Shattrath City, upstairs in an abandoned pod that's partially destroyed. It's important to note that you'll need Azeroth materials to finish these levels. It is also necessary to go back to Azeroth to purchase the 150 and 225 books. She's available should you need her.

    Mildred Fletcher
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    Shattrath and /way 66.6 13.8

    Outlands First Aid Book (300-355)

    Master First Aid (300-375) is taught through books, and there are the only two recipes available in Outlands. All of these items are available from the same vendors. There is no specific level requirement to learn it, however you should have at least 300 First Aid.

    Learn the technique by buying the book Master First Aid - Doctor in the House for 50.

    You learn the recipes from two manuals: Manual: Netherweave Bandage, sold for two dollars. Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage that is available for 4.

    , Temple of Telhamat, Hellfire Peninsula, /way 22.4 39.2

    Way 26.2 62.0

    Manual: Netherweave Bandage doesn't have an exact level, however you'll need to be able to carry out Level 330 First aid. You will need to make Heavy Runecloth Bandage to get to Level 330 First Aid. Netherweave Bandage is a good choice when you have the level 300 First Aid skills.

    Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage requires Level 360 First Aid to learn, but you can start using Heavy Netherweave Bandage with the level 325 First Aid skill.

    Netherweave Cloth serves as the base cloth for the two bandages. It is mostly found on Outlands Humanoid or Undead mobs. As with all other normal and heavy bandages Netherweave bandage needs 1 Netherweave cloth per bandage. Heavy Netherweave bandage requires 2 netherweave clothes per bandage.

    Leveling First Aid in Burning Crusade Classic

    If you'd like to be the first player to develop new bandages, players should keep a stockpile of Runecloth. It will take two each to make heavy runecloth Bandage. This will give you 300-330. Since this item becomes very green after you've completed it, a rough estimate is 180-200 Runecloth to reach 330.

    The Manual: Netherweave bandage is available for purchase at 330. Then, you can create Netherweave bandage to 360. This recipe begins at Yellow difficulty and becomes green at 360, so you should be able to complete the recipe using around 35 Netherweave Cloth.

    Once you reach 360, buy the Manual Heavy Netherweave Bandage. You can make 15 Heavy Netherweave Bandage using 30 Netherweave Cloth until you reach the 375. The green light won't come on until 380, which means you will have a shorter stretch in which you won't earn one skill point per combination.

    First Aid Guide – Books & Triage Quest

    When you reach Skill Level 150, you must buy a book from the vendor in your faction. The book will instruct you on the next step of First Aid.

    For the Alliance It is available from Deneb Walker in Stromgarde Keep. It can be purchased by Horde players at Balai Lok'Wein in Brackenwall Village.

    This is the next stage of the first Aid guide. It's a bit more challenging. Once you have reached the level of skill 225, then you must complete the quest Triage. This will enable you to increase the level of your skills to 300. This quest is available within Theramore Isle (Dustwallow Marsh) for Alliance and Hammerfall (Arathi Highlands) for Horde and Horde, respectively.