A new Anti-Cheat of Call of Duty will be revealed tomorrow

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  • Posted By : Adella Boyer
  • Posted On : Oct 14, 2021
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  • Description : Activision promises that you will not have mercy against the cheats, hackers and others.


  • Being one of the most successful franchises in the videogame industry, Call of Duty suffers from a huge amount of cheating that seek to ruin the game experience of other users. This became much more prominent with Warzone , but it seems that its authors will finally take this problem seriously.

    In case you do not know it, call of duty: vanguard Well next to a new anti-cheating system the next November 5, but before that, Activision announced that the day of Tomorrow, October 13 , we will have new details about this system.

    In social networks, the company published a statement where they say that will not tolerate hackers, and here you can read it complete:

    Dear cheatings,

    We love games. It is our passion.

    We are honored to create games for the best fans in the world.

    We do not always do them well, but we are committed to doing our best possible effort.

    Cheating ruins fun for everyone.

    Nobody likes cheats.

    Our goal is to offer a fair and fun gaming experience for all.

    For our developers.

    For our fans.

    But above all, for the Call of Duty players around the world.

    Cheats are not welcome here. There is no tolerance for cheats and soon they will know what we refer.

    Recall that shortly after shooting Vanguard , a new Pacific map will replace Verdansk at Call of Duty: Warzone , so not only will we have new anti-cheat system , but also a new map, weapons and more.

    Editor s note: The truth is that, always, Activision has promised that they will finally be taking actions against hackers. Yes, we know that they have been blocking hundreds of thousands of cheats lately, but I hope this new technology puts them an end once and for all.


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