RuneScape - This included new ways to get additional spins

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  • Posted On : Oct 08, 2021
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  • We took great care, as with all content that we add to runescape 3 gold to ensure that the Squeal of Fortune would enhance and not undercut the game's characteristics that make it unique for the millions of players who play every day. We are confident that we achieved both these areas of focus.

    We understand that not everyone is satisfied with the Squeal of Fortune. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to please all our members at all times because of the huge size of our community.

    Our guiding principle has been to do what is right for the game's long-term health. It is something that that many veteran players can be proud to confirm. I am certain that we've been recognized for our actions over the long run. The reality is that the game is improving year after year and the community we have built is steadily expanding.

    However, the feedback we receive for our updates as well as how you and people interact with it is still extremely crucial to us. We've been listening to all your comments in the forums. We have listened to your complaints and have made some adjustments to Squeal of Fortune. This included new ways to get additional spins in the form of rewards, as well as an additional protection of payments on all purchases within the game.

    While I and the team are disappointed that some players don’t prefer the option of purchasing extra spins or free ones, we know that 90% of our players enjoy the Squeal of Fortune and that more than 70 percent of our members who are free use it daily. This makes the Squeal of Fortune one of the most popular releases of content. It's a feature that players are still using because they love the numerous ways to buy fire cape osrs get extra spins.