How to enhance in Bless Unleashed?

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  • Posted On : Oct 08, 2021
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  • Description : Bless Unleashed is a popular RPG game developed by Round8 Studio.


  • Bless Unleashed is a popular RPG game developed by Round8 Studio. In the game, players want to improve their equipment combat effectiveness and equipment scores, so they must improve their equipment. Although players can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get better equipment, they must also pay attention to the equipment that enhances the craftsman NPC in the game, because they provide a way to improve equipment. Here are some tips for enhancing equipment.

    How to strengthen a piece of equipment? Players need to interact with the equipment expert NPC and need to select the equipment to be upgraded. If they have the required materials, the "Available fortifications" prompt will be displayed. Press and hold the "A" button to "enhance" the selected item. If the fortification is successful, players will be able to check in the notification.

    What are the different types of device enhancements? General enhancements. According to the item level and defense level, general enhancements will consume gold coins, artifact fragments, and artifact cores. They usually have a high success rate. However, if players’ equipment fails to upgrade, it may be damaged and lose its defense level. Master strengthening. Only available in big cities, players can only use Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, not gold. However, Bless Unleashed Seeds are very valuable resource, so players need to consider carefully before using it. Unauthorized enhancement. Available only in Outlaw Village, these operations are very cheap and have a high success rate. But if the player’s device fails to upgrade, they may lose the device permanently.

    Players must be cautious when upgrading equipment, because some players may be careless not only did not upgrade the equipment, but had a negative effect. Of course, if players are tired of upgrading equipment, they can also buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds on professional sites like IGGM to buy better equipment in the game.