This was the millionth time that I had to verbally

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  • Posted On : Oct 08, 2021
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  • Awhile ago a thread was made and was titled similar to: "Skill capes, are they ruining Runescape?" This thread was about the RuneScape gold fact that weather capes for skill are causing a number of disputes in Runescape. It was about the fact that "if someone else has a 99, you are instantly a noob/sucker at rs/at the rs/at the rs/at the ls/at the and so on."

    It's getting to the point. I had an argument with this turd of level 77 who had an untrimmed cape for firemaking. Apparently he'd made all the money he needed (only around 5 mil) to purchase 99 firemaking and after three and a half months burning wood for 99 firemaking the turd was rewarded with his untrimmed cape. Then he decided to go for 99 Fletching, the second most pathetic excuse for a simple 99.

    As I do when I am bored, I was looking at the forums and was wcing yews. My friend and I were discussing why I believe the rune-hatchet has a higher speed than a dragon hatchet. She agreed but the clown thought it was good to interrupt me and make me look stupid for saying it. I've spent hours timing and testing a dragon hatchet to cut yews. It has taken me hours. I have come to the conclusion that either they are identical or the rune is somewhat more efficient and therefore 2 mil cheaper.

    He complained for many years that his waste of two million dollars (not that it's more) was a more efficient cutter than mine. So I just said "lolok Budd" and continued to think that way. My friend and I kept cutting yews, and after a while he said the dumb assertion that. "You're an idiot lol. You don't even possess any 99's.

    This was the millionth time that I had to verbally admit this poor nub. He's a complete failure as well as an idiot for his AWSUM achievement of 99 firemaking. An untrimmed 99 fm cape is, without doubt, the most ridiculous excuse you can use to make an argument of "I have more experience than you" in runescape. 99 firemaking when it is your only 99 is pointless and stupid.

    You're aware that Adze is available at 92. You can get the Adze at 92. 99 is a bit away (sorta), so why not try it? However, most of my friends that have gotten it said it can take weeks to complete and it's boring and the only good thing is that it's fairly cheap if you do willows or maples. It's worth cheap OSRS gold noting that it can take up to 45k logs to achieve a level of 70 fm.