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  • Description : When choosing a writing service, I found out that a-writer reviews were too controversial. My experience of using the site was good. Although my paper contained some typos, I was satisfied with its quality.


  • The structure of the a-writer review (taking into account all the peculiarities and specifics of the question), as a rule,

    should include the following semantic elements (which do not necessarily

    should stand out as separate sections of the text):

    1. Introduction - one paragraph
    • Use attention-grabbing traps such as: a quote, a poem
    • a question, a reflection, unusual facts, ideas, or funny stories.
    • There is no need to state the main point in the first sentence. But it
    • should lead up to it or somehow relate to the main idea or thesis, and
    • contain the main points of the essay.
    • Avoid phrases such as "This essay is about..." or "I'm going to talk about...".
    1. Main body - 2-3 paragraphs
    • Express yourself clearly.
    • Support the main ideas with facts, reflections, ideas, vivid descriptions,
    • quotations, or other information or materials that intrigue and
    • grab the reader's attention.
    • Use reference material to eliminate tautology.
    1. Conclusion - one paragraph.
    • Demonstrate your growth and potential in the field. Show your perspectives
    • of the problem.
    • What actions you plan to take in your future regarding this
    • issue.
    • Your main point in a modified version. 

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