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  • Posted On : Aug 14, 2021
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  • What is it that grinds my gears? People wearing complete rune armour (chainmail and RuneScape gold chainmail, but haven't yet completed dragon slayer) appearing and asking stupid questions like: "How do you get wool balls?" "How do I obtain silver bars?" These people have not played in the past. I inquire whether they have a different account, and they tell me they have been playing for a long time.

    Sorry if this is a normal thing to happen nowadays, but I seriously can't believe that people who have had at the very least, a decent amount of experience of playing to not know basic things such as this. Have they been playing for days/weeks/months/years and not known any sense of direction/what they are doing and have just been following people the ENTIRE TIME!

    I mean that when I played there was no GE and everyone was hanging out in the garden of Varrock castle saying "Press 222 to buy full rune armour" and such however, after re-starting I understood what the GE was about half an hour after exploring the castle again. Rant over.

    Hi everybody, i would suggest that f2p players can earn a decent amount of money by cutting yews in the vicinity of dranyor. There are four in that region, and there's a bank close by. Another great place to cut yews is near the grand exhange there are three yews in the area and near the grand exchange bank. (i will mention that these places will be frequented, so you must world hop until you find a good location.

    Another alternative is to mine rune essence from Varrock (you'll have to finish the quest Rune Mysteries). A bank is located close to the rune shop, where you can be teleported. You can sell the essence of rune (or create rune and then sell it). This is the most effective. First, you visit Barbarien Village, and follow the hole entrance down to the finale level. After you kill the ankou's you will receive rune essence as well as coins. Additionally, you get exp. (the ankous' are lvl 75 and buy old school rs gold bring some food).