I'm sorry to intervene. I believe that

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  • Brothers Brothers, look! Cream of Escargot is my preferred flavor. It's that simple. Lucien will ask them if they've the potion. Salarin will reply that they've only OSRS gold given them a brief notice. Lucien will become agitated and attack some of the Druids. You meanwhile, will be hidden behind the wall. Dress in Zamorak costumes after Lucien has gone. They can be found on the Chaos Druids' graves before they died. After that, speak to Salarin. Ask for help in making the potion, but ask the purpose of the potion.

    Salarin: Lucien arrived here one week ago complaining of feeling dizzy. He had just been defeated by eight men who had at random attacked him and killed six of them. He told me that he'd never felt so good after he infused some of the energy from the Staff of Armadyl into himself to heal the Curse of...

    The patient needs to be treated according to what I had said prior to your interruption. This is why I'll be giving him a potion, made of my own private herb, some of Zamorak's wine, as well as some of those berries the creatures seem to have lots of. This key will enable you to gain access to the herb. You will receive an untwisted key. Salarina Torstol, Wine of Zamorak and Jangerberries are all you need. You can hide behind the statue and wait for Lucien to appear.

    Have you got my potion? You are right here. It's good. Now for some important business. That stone was the biggest disappointment I've ever experienced. Movario will either show me how to use it, or even decorate my future palace's fireplace. I think I'll resort to stealing the power of Seren to attain my goal.

    My Lord, I don't think this will be permitted. A lot of Zamorakians are divided when it concerns whether or not to assume this position, I believe that Iorworth will let you.... Iorworth? Who would have believed I'd be so? I'll absorb Seren's strength from afar. I'm sure there is an ideal spot somewhere. Perhaps Movario will be able to provide you with the information. It's just a matter of tracking the coward.

    Mission 5 - Takeout. Sir Tiffy received an authentic tip on the thief who stole expensive Karamjan mahogany. He'll teleport to the ship where you can capture the thief. The easiest way to locate wire is by searching the shelves. To locate a hammer and some bronze nails, look through the tool pile. Make a tripwire trap with these items and an empty crate. For the cheap RS gold job to be completed it is necessary to stand completely still, for two minutes. The criminal will be caught and the mission will be completed.