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Best Way To Level Weapons In Modern Warfare 3

Posted By Claus Oliver     Nov 13    
Players need to upgrade their weapons to unlock new attachments and camouflage in COD MW3. However, upgrading weapons in MW3 can be monotonous and tedious, especially when those weapons are less powerful. In this article below, we will provide some quick tips on how to level up your weapons, which will help players proceed faster in this game.
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1. Play big-map modes

Big-map modes like War and Ground War are great for leveling up weapons in Modern Warfare 3. With more opponents on the map, players can get more kills and objective kills to start racking up weapon XP. Players can also combine this with the popular Decoy Grenade trick from previous COD titles, launching them at enemies to distract them and earning passive XP points. Therefore, upgrading weapons in COD MW3 by playing big-map modes is an effective strategy to level up weapons faster.

2. Try out specific game modes

If players prefer regular multiplayer, the best option is to pick objective-based modes, such as Hardpoint and Domination, and slay around the objective to earn OBJ kills.

3. Complete challenges

Completing challenges is a great way to level up weapons in Modern Warfare 3. Players can complete attachment and weapon-specific challenges to earn XP and level their weapons faster.

4. Use your chosen weapon a lot

This may sound obvious, but if players are focused on leveling up a certain weapon, they should make sure they're always using it to get their kills. It's all about the grind when it comes to gaining XP, so players should ensure they've got it equipped on a few different classes so that if they want to switch to a different playstyle, their weapon of choice will come with them.

5. Take advantage of double XP events

Keep a close eye on the Modern Warfare 3 events as they'll sometimes offer up double XP, which means if players participate in them, they'll be leveling up their weapon twice as fast.

In conclusion, leveling up weapons in Modern Warfare 3 can be time-consuming, but with the right strategies, players can level up their guns faster than ever before. Of course, you can also seek the help of the MW3 boosting team, which will help you level up your weapons quickly without having to go through repetitive missions.
Best Way To Level Weapons In Modern Warfare 3

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