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Bundesliga have been awarded a TOTS item in FIFA 23

Posted By Meade Dorian     Aug 24    
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Riddle: One team from the capital has had a tough season so far hellip FIFA 23 Coins. Answer: Score and win in 6 games with a Hertha Berlin player in Squad Battles (min. Semi-Pro difficulty) or Rivals and FUT Champions. Reward:2500 XP.
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For completing all of the Year in Review Objectives, players will earn a Team of the Season Marcus Thuram item!FIFA 23 Bundesliga TOTS End Date & Players

As the season comes to a close, the best performers in the Bundesliga have been awarded a TOTS item in FIFA 23.

The players chosen have received massive boosts, making them some of the best items in the game. As with the Community and Premier League squads, you will had a say in who made the team.

The Bundesliga TOTS features 15 of the most impressive players throughout the 2022/2023 season, and here is who we think will make the team.

This upcoming Team of the Season will be in the game for one week, with the subsequent TOTS squad set to launch immediately. This is expected to be the LaLiga TOTS.

The German league is always one of the first to release in previous FIFA titles, and this year it arrives after the buy FUT 23 Coins Premier League Team of the Season.
Bundesliga have been awarded a TOTS item in FIFA 23

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