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EA released the Madden NFL 23 reveal trailer

Posted By Meade Dorian     May 25    
EA released the Madden NFL 23 reveal trailer, but many fans of the series aren't happy with what the developer had to show them Madden 23 Coins. The company will likely share a bigger look at the game at its EA Play event later this week, but EA could have a lot to do to get them to feel excited about the game.

On social media and in the comments underneath the new Madden NFL 23 trailer, fans are voicing their concerns about the game and the whole Madden NFL series. Many are frustrated that despite having asked for updates to modes such as Franchise Mode for years, EA has chosen to make controllable endzone celebrations one of the highlighted features in the game. One Madden NFL fan joked that they are going to "buy two copies just because they added that after wanting it for so long."

On YouTube, a user named UnboxedTechPro wrote a huge list of updates that they would like to see in Madden NFL 23. The comment, which has been liked more than 5.000 times, suggests things such as better face scans, team mascots, and fixes for major game bugs and throwing animations. The list isn't small, but most of the features on the list don't seem like a tall ask. Fans saw some huge Madden NFL 23 bugs.

So fixes for these and changes that would make games feel more like real-life NFL matchups could really get fans excited about the new release. In a gridiron notes post on the game's official site, EA did confirm that Madden NFL 23 would have features like Face of the Franchise, better tackles, and character moves being available using the right analog stick Buy Mut 23 Coins. None of these seem to be the changes that fans on social media are asking for.
EA released the Madden NFL 23 reveal trailer

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