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Not shocked if we don't see Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 23

Posted By Meade Dorian     May 3    
But EA could release another Icon promo instead, the Alternate Reality Icons. This promo is not official yet FUT 23 Coins, but was spotted in the source code along with the TOTY Icons just before Team of the Year. So these leaks are trustworthy.

At this link, we explain to you what the Alternate Reality Icons are. We've summed up some theories about this new promo, and they sound really plausible.

At least, we are not shocked if we don't see Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 23. The TOTY Icons were such good cards, the design alone was awesome! When exactly the Alternate Realtiy Icons will be released, is still to be awaited. There have been no leaks about this yet.

Although we are able to play FIFA 23 online, most of the time, the servers aren't always available. Sometimes EA Sports has to take the servers offline temporarily due to some maintenance works or some bigger updates. But sometimes EA also simply has some technical issues...

And of course, something like that can destroy your whole FUT Champions Finals, because it might rob you of the last win you would need to reach the next rank. Always keep in mind that it doesn't have to be EA's fault every time. Sometimes it could also be your own internet connection that causes problems buy FIFA 23 Coins. Here's a quick guide to check whether the problem is caused by EA's servers or your own internet connection.
Not shocked if we don't see Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 23

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