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Wilson also said that Blizzard is currently working

Posted By Meade Dorian     December 30, 2022    
Even Blizzard has caught the nontraditional gamer bug, and Wilson mentioned that being approachable was another important factor in the game D2R Items. "If you're able click with the mouse, you're able to be a player in Diablo," mused Wilson with a quip that would soon to be cliche that even his non-gamers wife enjoyed the Diablo experience.

The design lead also emphasized it's "simple to learn, difficult to master" gameplay, a tenet of the series in addition to the importance of a smooth learning curve. "In Diablo's normal mode it was actually a fairly simple game," he explained.

Wilson also said that Blizzard is currently working on a new version of to better accommodate collaborative play. "We want to remove as many barriers as possible in order to allow people to connect and play with one another," he said.

Returning to Diablo's tried and true gameplay, Wilson said that the game's actions were extensively assessed. One of the biggest adjustments made to the gameplay to enhance the game's gameplay was to eliminate the use of potions as the primary health mechanic.

To stop players from becoming dependent on health potions, Wilson said that defeated monsters will now drop planets of wellness. This technique is also meant to keep players involved in the fight which means there will be little to no downtime between fights.

Giving players the option to go beyond clicking and charging was an important consideration to players on the Diablo team, explained Wilson. In a reference to Berserker, Wilson said that it is wise not to face these characters at face value.

Instead, the berserker was designed to be a powerful hiter that is vulnerable should he fail to hit buy D2R ladder items. If the players checked their speed, they'd be capable of hitting easily on the berserker in the event that they've failed and their guns get trapped in the floor.
Wilson also said that Blizzard is currently working

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