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Modafinil - Why is this medication prescribed?

Posted By ema hossain     December 19, 2022    
Modapro/Modalert - Lotus
As an add - on to narcolepsy treatment, modafinil, an oral medication that improves wakefulness, has been approved. It's believed to operate in the hypothalamus by way of the hypocretin orexin system (one). It's a class IV medication, and in the conventional sense just moderately stimulating. These results indicated that it may be ideal for dealing with excessive nighttime sleepiness, often seen as a complication of neuroleptic treatment of depression or psychosis and in closed head brain injury (dementia because of head trauma). Either way, somnolence can be extremely upsetting and the use of standard psychostimulants is cumbersome and could be impractical or risky.

Modafinil has been successfully used in ten outpatients with closed head brain damage and excessive nighttime sleepiness, and in 2 individuals with somnolence brought on by sedating psychiatric medications. It had been often used as a substitute for a schedule II agent or as the first treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness in these cases.

Patients 'ages ranged from forty two to seventy two years. They were all outpatients, whose too much day sleepiness restricted their quality and activity of life. They had been informed that the medication had been approved for various other uses, but it still appeared to have advantages that could suit their needs. They're informed about overstimulation and potential negative effects. Modafinil, at 100 400 mg each morning, was well tolerated in these folks. The effect lasted the entire day and also led to an allegedly normal sleep at night. Overweight daytime sleepiness was significantly decreased in 9 patients with correct titration and moderately decreased in three. The patients considered all modifications to be advantageous.

Higher feelings and wakefulness of normality were felt at recommended doses. A lot of the individuals reported improvements in their sense of attention and cognitive capabilities. The results have usually been remarkable (within 1 2 hours of taking order modalert) and have often resulted in a feeling of relief and better health. It is not yet known if the patients got an improvement in their quality of life or if they merely responded to an improvement in their performance.

Until now, my patients have been using modafinil between five & 13 months, and there has been absolutely no evidence of tolerance and reduced effectiveness and no apparent negative effects with similar drugs. If negative effects were present, they were ordinarily mild and temporary, primarily because of complaints of gastro or stimulation - upset. But outside this group, 2 middle - aged brain - injured women with a number of other medications and complications couldn't take in modafinil. The reason behind this was the psychological instability that developed soon after taking the very first dose of 100 mg. Both experienced similar responses to a number of other drugs and thought they were generally sensitive to drugs. They made no more examinations at a reduced dose.

Modafinil might be helpful in the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness related to closed - head brain injury and with sedating psychiatric medications for improving the quality of rehabilitation and life. Correctly controlled clinical studies are required to figure out the effect of modafinil in treating excessive daytime sleepiness, which is related to these and other health conditions, such as narcolepsy. 

Author: Dr. Mevan Nandaka Wijetunga, MD
Specialities: Cardiovascular Disease Condition Treatment: Atrial Flutter, Cardiomyopathy, Cerebrovascular Disease, Heart Disease, Stroke, Vascular Disease
Modafinil - Why is this medication prescribed?
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