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Posted By greta mili     November 23, 2022    
The embodiment of 12 feminine archetypes awakens associations.
Consider looking at the 12 feminine archetypes even if psychology is not your area of expertise. Read more about 12 feminine archetypes on YogiTimes.

They stand out because they provide you with crystal-clear images right away. Such as these:
Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and the other goddesses of different religious civilizations are examples of spiritual 12 feminine archetypes.

You can tell if you relate to mythological archetypes like Athena, Freya, Eos, or Durga.

On the other hand, modern 12 feminine archetypes tend to disguise quite a bit. On the one hand, this may be because we women still conceal ourselves, or our authenticity, much too frequently in favor of adhering to the idealized picture of the contemporary woman.

The hero is well-liked and contemporary.
However, it is specifically us women that recreate the most illustrative of all 12 feminine archetypes every day. The protagonist!

Don't laugh, I repeat. Every single one of us is a heroine in our own right.

Unfortunately, we frequently minimize our inner heroine and would instead give the critic in us the floor.

Because the tabloid press prefers to focus on jungle starlets or blow-dried blond guys, we fail to recognize our inner heroine and lack outwardly recognizable heroines.

However, there is hope since young Greta Thunberg upends this frequently biased reporting by men in a very admirable way.

"The land without heroes is unhappy. No, the miserable nation needs heroes." Theodore Brecht

8. The Critic
The critic likes to barge onto the life stage without invitation and has the power to launch you to the most significant peaks of ambition and demolish your performance in one swift motion.

Symbol No. 9: The Wise Woman
Oh, how I adore her—the wise woman within us both. However, knowledge does not come to us automatically as we age but rather when we allow it into our lives. The intelligent lady cultivates observation and mindfulness rather than getting caught up in visions or abstract worldviews.

She allows herself to receive guidance from the inside. I keep noticing great flashes of knowledge among the Amazon Journey participants.

"When you become calm and receptive to the opportunity that resides inside each of us women, wonderful wisdom occurs." Steigerwald, Silke

You can miraculously reach your inner wisdom with the help of a tiny free writing assignment from the Amazon Journey, which I would be pleased to offer you if you prefer. Send me a brief email with the subject "Wisdom from Writing Exercise."

10. The cheerful person
On the one hand, the happy person enjoys a peaceful pace of life. She has a strong foundation of trust in her. She exudes joy and lightness even while everyone else is consumed by big and minor "bad news."

On the other hand, the satisfied person's "dark" side emerges when she abstains from all disagreements "for the sake of peace" and consistently puts others' demands ahead of her own.

11. The erector of a bridge
She consistently bridges the most disparate groups of people and points of view. By doing this, she dispels all polarity and adopts a unique perspective on duality.

The person building a bridge sees opportunity in everything, pushes through doubts and anxieties, and bravely and strongly crosses the deepest valleys and the darkest abysses.

She is a pro at maintaining confidence and equilibrium.

12. The Saint
The purest kind of love is given to you by the holiest of all archetypes, who extends her vast mantle and takes you under her wing. Her qualities include safety and comfort, composure, and kindness. Permit her love to embrace you.

The saint reveals who you are, have been, and will become.

I hope you can now identify with one of the 12 feminine archetypes!
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