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Server Speed Test Tool

Posted By Jessica Davis     September 8, 2022    

The allows users to check the connection speeds from in more than 120 countries, according to a press release. If you need more information, follow the link .The tool works on the Windows platform and allows users to see which network would be the best for them according to their usage.

On the tool, there are nine different purposes given that the user can select from. These include: higher security and anonymity, optimized security and anonymity with better speeds, Canada TV watching, other/privacy, UK TV watching, poker, USA TV watching and unblocking websites/social media access.

The tool will identify your location and give you a recommendation on the best server to use for the purpose that you have selected. The server automatically updates according to network conditions, according to the release.

Windows dialer is also out and available at present. The dialer makes it easier to access some settings for your VPN connection and gives you other functionalities on top of that.From the dialer’s dashboard, you’re able to select between PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols for your connection. You’re also able to select advanced features such as split tunneling. When you select a server, the dialer automatically selects the fastest server available.

The dialer also allows you to access account information. You can change the features on your account and access your billing information from the dashboard. Technical support is also available through the dialer 24 hours per day.

These two tools are designed to work with one another to some degree. Between using the Intelligent VPN  to identify the best possible network to connect to and using the  version dialer’s features to access those connections, users of the PureVPN service should find their VPN access to be a bit more convenient.

The dialer also gives you information on your current connection, including your IP address and includes a quick connect feature that allows you to enter your user credentials and hook up to a VPN connection without having to reenter them every time you connect.

The dialer currently only functions on the Windows operating system platform.

Server Speed Test Tool
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