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Diablo 2: Resurrected - Where are the Monastery Barracks

Posted By Meade Dorian     September 4, 2022    
Following the massive success of Ghost of Tsushima in 2020, Sony quickly moved to greenlight a film adaptation of the highly cinematic game D2R Items. The movie will be helmed by director Chad Stahelski, the director of the John Wick series.

Therefore, it's widely expected for the movie to feature stunning action scenes. The film is currently composed by Takashi Doscher who is the director of some independent films, however, there's no way to know what degree it will be based on the game.

The film is currently in the process of being made, there's no official release date or casting information at the moment.God Of War heading onto the small screen through an Amazon TV series. The year before there was speculation there was a possibility Sony together with Amazon were engaged in discussions to bring Kratos The story to reality However, there was no confirmation.

In the last weekend, Sony confirmed that God of War would be adapted for the streaming service of Amazon, however it seems likely to be in the early stages. There is no writer, director, or actor has been attached to the project. However Dave Bautista suggested that he's interested in playing Kratos.

It's just to prove people who are naysayers wrong.Another TV show confirmed on this day was an adaptation to the Horizon series. It is the show that will probably not follow the games because it is a rich and expansive world with different characters, which aren't part of Alloy.

God of War and Ghost of Tsushima's titles all refer to a very specific character that's why they're tied to the protagonists of their respective films, but Horizon is able to explore a broader range of characters. In the moment all we know is that it's being planned by Netflix. There's been no announcement on the date of release buy D2R ladder items, the casting or the plot.
Diablo 2: Resurrected - Where are the Monastery Barracks

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