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Who team up as the first time ever appearing on their third Madden cover

Posted By Meade Dorian     August 2, 2022    
NFL players continue work to bridge the gap with industries like gaming Madden nfl 23 Coins, way beyond the annual announcement of a new Madden game. For instance, The Dr. Disrespect recently showed up on draft night to announce the 49ers third-round draft pick. Perhaps other football teams should look into creating their own anime trailers. After all Tom Brady's football career is packed with drama and victories for his own anime arc.

Madden 23: Cooper Kupp deserves to be on the cover, and that's the reason we've put Cooper Kupp.

After Super Bowl LVI has come to an end, we are able to start talking about players that we think ought to be featured appearing on the covers of Madden 23.

One of them that we have in mind is Cooper Kupp, a player who we think is the ideal choice for Madden 23 sportsman on cover. That's why we chose to include him on a cover ourselves.

Let's discuss what we have in mind for our Madden 23 concept cover and why Cooper Kupp deserves to be our next cover athlete.

Madden 23 Cover Concept

Many might feel it's too for too early to begin making Madden 23 cover designs however, we're not shying from making predictions.

Like we said we believe Cooper Kupp will be the next cover star as Madden 23 is revealed. We won't know for some time however, we took matters into our own hands and come up with an idea for a Madden 23 cover courtesy of our design team.

COVER CONCEPT COVER CONCEPT Cooper Kupp make the Madden 23 cover?

We're in love with the idea of the Madden 23 cover, and Cooper Kupp is a great option as the cover athlete Buy Mut 23 Coins. To make a case for Kupp to be the cover athlete we'll look at the accolades he's received this season below.
Who team up as the first time ever appearing on their third Madden cover

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