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Why You Should Buy Fake Plant Wall

Posted By ema hossain     July 29, 2022    

Are you looking to give your home or garden the sense of nature? Looking to make your commercial property stand out from the crowd? No matter what kind of place, installing fake plant wall is a great way to transform any space, making it feel more natural and attractive.

Although green walls have been used in homes, restaurants and businesses for some time, in recent years it has become one of the most popular interior design trends. An increasing number of interior designers are choosing faux plant wall solutions over using real plants, thanks to the many benefits and wide selection available.

Table of Contents

  • What is fake plant wall?
  • The benefits of using fake plant walls
  • Artificial or living green wall, what’s the difference?
  • Outdoor artificial plant walls
  • Indoor artificial plant walls
  • How to maintain a fake plant wall?
  • Can a fake plant wall be moved?

What is fake plant wall?

A fake plant wall looks and feels just like the real thing, but instead of using natural plants, they feature high-quality and ultra-realistic artificial plants. They are usually put together in sections, by fixing the back of each artificial plant panel to your wall surface with either screws, nail plugs or cable ties (depending on your surface).

It is a great solution for those people who are looking to create a feature wall in their home or give visitors to their business a warm and attractive welcome. The use of faux plant walls is increasing because of the many advantages they offer compared to real plants.

Artificial green wall help to bring a sense of the outdoors to any space and can create an immediate impact. Each section can be connected to another, ensuring that faux plant walls can come in any shape or size, while there is also a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, enabling the owners to get creative with their solutions.

The benefits of using fake plant walls

There are so many benefits of artificial green walls, including the fact that they are a dynamic decorative element. There’s a reason so many architects and designers have been utilizing them in their designs!

Green walls are also good for your health. It has been proved that looking at plants frequently can reduce the pressure of overtired eyes, and can even lower your blood pressure and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Exterior green walls also have the added benefit of aiding in building insulation by providing shade, and interior green walls are great at absorbing noise.

Artificial or living green wall, what’s the difference?

There are two options if you would like to install a green wall – living green walls or artificial green walls. Living green walls are made of living plants along with a growing medium, whereas artificial green walls are made of fake plants. While both types of walls are equally stunning in aesthetic, there are some key differences between the two.

Benefits of artificial plants vs real plants:

  • Easier to install than real plants
  • Lower maintenance and ongoing costs
  • Don’t need to be watered for sustenance
  • Don’t need sunlight to survive
  • Don’t require pesticides or fertilizers
  • Don’t cause allergies
  • Never die
  • Stay gorgeously green for a very long time
  • No fear of pest attacks

As you can see, artificial plants have a lot going for them. They’re often cheaper, less labour-intensive and less risky. Best of all, they don’t require an expert green thumb to keep them looking great, all year round.

Outdoor artificial plant walls

Whether it’s a way to beautify your backyard fence, bright addition to your apartment balcony, or a stunning entrance to your house, fake plant walls can also make the outdoor space full of vitality. Check out how our outdoor green wall references.

Indoor artificial plant walls

Whether it’s an attractive feature for your apartment living room, safe addition to your child’s bedroom, or a way to bring some nature into your home or office, artificial plant walls can be the perfect indoor feature. Some of our customers have used their indoor green walls creatively, like this eye-catching wall decoration:

How to maintain a fake plant wall?

If you buy a good quality product, your artificial plant wall should be easy to maintain. In order to meet the highest requirements, our foliages are UV resistant throughout the processing, not just on the surface. All are guaranteed to be UV resistant for 8 years.

Thanks to this technological process, foliages do not lose their luster despite high exposure. All they require for maintenance is the occasional dusting and a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Can a fake plant wall be moved?

Moving real plants can be a delicate process. If you install a green wall made of living plants, you might find that it’s getting too much sun, not enough sun, or that the plants need to be repotted.

Faux plant walls obviously will not encounter these problems and can be easily unscrewed and moved to a new location. It’s also straightforward to swap out panels to create a new look.

EdenVert, the leading artificial plant supplier, is dedicated to providing high quality and long lasting fake plant walls to our global partners. We have an ongoing commitment to quality. Based on more than ten years of product development and manufacturing experience, our products meet the highest leading laboratory test standard. Please feel free to contact us by Telephone: +86 25 69811778 and Email:

Why You Should Buy Fake Plant Wall
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