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Instructions to get your hands on Lost Ark Twitch drops

Posted By Meade Dorian     July 18, 2022    
Support-oriented Bards There are usually two primary stats that players will want to focus on Lost Ark Gold. This is to ensure that players get the most out of their buildsand can build one of the best bards supports you've ever seen in Lost Ark.


One of the first stats which players are likely to prioritize is Swiftness which is essential in The Lost Ark Bard Support Build, purely because of the sluggishness that the Bard character is. For anyone who has played before and knows that bards suffer from mobility issues and they're not able to cast spells or heal buffs at the speed they should be.

To catch up to the speed of other players, putting points in speed is essential so that players can get increased mobility and being able to enjoy reduced skill cooldown. This helps them use their abilities even more quickly.


Another vital stat that players will not want to overlook can be found in the Specialization the Bards in Lost ark can gain a lot from. Players who decide to spend money on Specialization will receive a boost to their skills, whether due to increased attack speed mobility, speed, or cooldowns.

Players will now be focusing on three types of builds when focusing on a Support build for Bards as they can be a mix of the speed of a build, a specialization-based build, or a mixture between the two.

Lost Ark has a personality feature that reveals how knowledgeable your character is. This feature lets your character to display certain personality attributes that can be upgraded by a variety of ways, as explained later in this guide best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. Virtue points or virtue points operate similarly to reputation. A higher level of reputation can open new opportunities for your character.
Instructions to get your hands on Lost Ark Twitch drops

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