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NBA 2K22 incorporates no less than 5 games all in

Posted By Meade Dorian     May 19, 2022    
I think they've found an aspect of their game that they could be leaning into NBA 2K MT. I'd like them to lean into rather than giving us the gimmicky side-missions and sponsors in MyCareer. It's a question of why State Farm in this game? Do I need to buy insurance? And, why does MyPlayer seem to be more excited about rapping than basketball?

Those things are fine in spots -- well that's not the State Farm problem. It's weird. But rapping fashion, sneakers and other endorsements can be used in spots. The game needs to be a little less focused on those things and more about the awesome basketball game that we're playing.

Yes, It's true, Mike. Everything in 2K22 other than actual game actions only distracts you from the things that the game excels at. For someone who doesn't want to ball on the streets of The City at all, I'd be willing to declare that I'd like it creating a split between the modes completely. That probably wouldn't be a prudent business decision, though and it's likely to never occur.

I'd also prefer to see something more along the model of a MyCoach mode Buy MT 2K22. Let me assume the helm of the team at high school and ascend through colleges to join the NBA and a 2K take on Football Manager.
NBA 2K22 incorporates no less than 5 games all in

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