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Based on the above map Konar quo Maten is located in the area

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Based on the above map Konar quo Maten is located in the area of the North-West of the Zeah region within the Kahlith settlement located on the summit of Mount Karuulm RuneScape Gold. They're identified on the world map with a pale skull to indicate their position as Slayer Masters. Slayer Master. The Master is near the chest.

The quickest route to reach this part of the map is via the Rada's Blessing 3 or 4 teleport. If you do not already have this access, then you could try using the fairy ring code ci-r. Or rub an Skills Necklace and selecting the Farming Guild teleport.

The requirements to receive an slayer job from Konar is a minimum battle level of 75. You'll need to be a member in order to get access to ZAH. Zeah continent. Remember, it's worth noting that it is possible to purchase membership via bonds in the game by earning coins.

As opposed to other Slayer Masters, Konar's tasks require players to travel to an area to kill monsters. Therefore, players will get the Brimstone Key in the course of their work as a drop. The drop rate for these keys is dependent on the combat level of the monster being killed . It ranges from one-fifty and one-hundred.

Brimstone Keys can later be carried to a safe just next to Konar where the players can collect benefits that will increase their earnings OSRS Gold. Keys are worth approximately 103,000 gold. So it's definitely worth cashing it in after your task.
Based on the above map Konar quo Maten is located in the area
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